Joel Woods
Phone: 925-708-4044
Additional Phone: 925-708-4044

111 Pine St
San Francisco, California, United States

I am a Foreing Curreny Trader/Account executive For clients Investments

Details of Services Offered:

I am a Foreing Curreny Trader/Account executive For clients Investments. I make clients money grow in one of the most risky investments in the world, However the returns are just as substantial. I help companies manage risk in foreign countries with proper money management techniques.

What makes my services unique?

First I would like to I introduce myself, Joel Woods. I am a Foreign Currency trader at Globallink traders LLC., an introducing broker of Solid Gold Financial Services in San Francisco.

At Globallink we deal with making investment and hedging for customers with trading major Forex currencies. Here at Globallink traders we deal with trading on the spot market from around the world which includes, but is not limited to the Euro, Pound, Yen, Swiss Frank, and the U.S. Dollar.

In Forex we aim to have consistent sustainable performance to substantially improve investment returns in comparison to traditional portfolios of equities, cash deposits and government or corporate issued bonds. The investment of trading currencies will be considered the riskiest 10% of your total portfolio.

With risk however, comes reward which is why our return objective is between 3-10% a month which equates to 36%-120% a year. With these currencies being traded all over the world this investment is considered to be highly liquid with approximately $2 trillion USD traded daily.

To make sure opportunities will not be lost at least a portion of our team is always awake during a 24-hour period throughout the night.

The main advantage for investors in the foreign exchange markets is the very high degree of leverage, 1:100 that can be obtained. This allows for very rapid returns on investments, but also means that the risk level is higher than that normally associated with investment in markets that are not leveraged.