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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Virtual business support services that will increase productivity & help you develop your business

Details of Services Offered:

Feeling frustrated with the amount of time you spend on administrative tasks?

How much would it help your business if you could take the operational administrivia and shift the responsibility to someone else?

Do what you do best - and let Alliance take care of the rest!

Alliance Business Solutions provides professional virtual business support services to assist small businesses in meeting their strategic objectives.

OUR MISSION: To enhance the organizational performance of YOUR business by delivering excellent value and timely service through our administrative solutions.

We want you to succeed! We are Your Virtual Key to Success!™

Our Services include:

* Document Preparation (correspondence, reports, manuals, PowerPoint presentations, etc.)

* Data & Contact Management (contact lists, database creation/maintenance, data entry)

* Event Coordination (meetings, travel, video/teleconferences, business functions)

* General Business Services (scheduling, Internet Research, Email Management, Marketing Campaigns, etc.)

As your business grows Alliance can help you build your human capital by facilitating your recruitment needs. We will assist you with:

* Candidate Identification (resume screening, preliminary interviews)

* Credential Verification (Education & Reference Checks)

* Position Description (development, posting)

* Employee Orientation (handbooks, training material, etc.)

If you have a requirement that is not listed above, please let us know. We;d be happy to discuss your needs.

What makes my services unique?

Professionalism. Reliability. Expertise.

We work with you to

* understand your industry and unique challenges;

* provide reliable and consistent solutions, with the flexibility to meet your timelines and budget;

* provide expertise and resources that complement your business; and

* ensure you have the support to achieve and maintain your competitive edge.

Contact us for more information.

We are Your Virtual Key to Success!™