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MPTL will improve your return on training investment via unmatched customer service and products!

Details of Services Offered:

If on-demand, self-paced training is what you are looking for, MyPlaceToLearn offers over 2000 courses on business related topics, IT and computer training, HR topics, and compliance issues with continuing education credits available in many fields. Self-paced topics can be accessed 24/7 accommodating all shifts.

MyPlaceToLearn has recently formed a partnership with CornerStone Leadership Institute to create CornerStone Leadership Online. We will be building and hosting online courses based on many of Cornerstone's leadership book titles such as Monday Morning Leadership and Listen Up, Leader.

MyPlaceToLearn offers a variety of live, instructor-led topics in their virtual classroom. Your customers can train participants around the block or around the world simultaneously. There is no down time to and from training and there are no travel costs.

MyPlaceToLearn offers a skilled talent pool of programmers, content creators, course designers, and technology experts to design self-paced training modules to meet all budgets. They will create just-in-time web-based courses that target your customers’ specific education needs. MyPlaceToLearn can webinize their current training materials or get help from our content developers to create new courses. Each course will be branded with their logo, pictures, and the organization’s look and feel. Our custom course design can be beneficial when trying to disseminate new company policies, new products, or even helping customers through issues via the company’s external website.

MyPlaceToLearn can set up and host an online training event and can disseminate information to people in multiple locations quickly. MyPlaceToLearn will do all the leg work including creating the invitations, managing eCommerce (if needed), moderating the event, and tabulating post event surveys. Via the MyPlaceToLearn virtual classroom you can share PowerPoint presentations, take participants to the web or share any document on your desktop. A great way to educate, get critical information out or generate sales leads without the cost of feet in the street.

Tracking Training and Measuring Compliance: Tracking employee training and organization compliance can be as easy as point and click! MyPlaceToLearn offers a cost effective, state of the art Learning Management System that provides employees access to a custom, company branded virtual training center where they can select from a course catalog, view their individual career plans, visit a resource library, access self-paced modules 24/7, or attend a live web presentation. Supervisors with administrative access can run successful completion and compliance reports by employee, team, department, and/or for the entire organization 24/7.

What makes my services unique?

MyPlaceToLearn is committed to providing a variety of learning opportunities using the best technologies, with the highest level of service to help customers efficiently access knowledge, share data and disseminate important functional information onsite and via the web. We produce training modules for clients internationally and in a variety of formats to meet educational needs and budgets of all sizes. The MyPlaceToLearn advantage is a unique and comprehensive blend of products and services, including a completely hosted LMS (Learning Management System). There will be no need to contact multiple vendors. Your customers will also find everything they need to host, develop and deliver state of the art online training modules!