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Webdialing Overview
Webdialing powered by CitaLink is an innovative, web-based personal calling assistant software application that can double or triple its users’ contact ratio/productivity instantly. It not only enables a user to make more phone calls in less time, it actually makes the process of calling people fun and enjoyable.
WD puts the power of a professional call center into the hands of any individual, any company, without the cost, time and expertise required to set up a call center. It is developed for users outside of traditional call centers but with the same goals of very expensive call center technology: allowing the callers to spend as much time as possible on the phone with prospects and customers by eliminating the 75% of the wasted time on non-productive activities. 
Besides its superb efficiency, WD powered by CitaLink also has many powerful functions and unique qualities. 
Some notable features are:
·        Automatic Appointment Reminder (voice, email and text messaging)
·        Supports: IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari (web browsers used by 98% of online users)
·        Integrated Feature Set
·        Built-In CRM
·        No software download or installation, no hardware setup
·        Campaign and List Management by User
·        Built-In Flash Movie Tutorial
·        Completely Personalized
·        No Administrator Needed
·        Can Start using Instantly
·        No ongoing updates, maintenance and configuration
·        Little to no IT support or user training
·        Comprehensive Reporting
·        Whisper Coaching / 3-Way
·        Monitoring / Supervisor
·        256bit Encryption
Other Features
 Webdialing Powered by CitaLink provides other powerful and unique features, including:
 ·        Kiosk Management - this allows different departments or companies to have their own sets of customized “Group Specific Materials”, that can only be shared among all users within that department or company;
·        Appointment Reminder – CitaLink can call, email and send text messages to the user before an appointment.
·        Whisper Coaching – with the touch of a button, this allows a “coach” to communicate with the user without the contact hearing the coach;
·        3-Way – with the touch of a button, this allows the user to bring a third person into the conversation, where all three parties (user, contact and 3rd person) can talk;
·        Recording – this allows the user and the manager to select a call session / campaign and/or a individual live call and record it;
·        Monitoring / Supervisor – this allows a manager to oversee user activities, listen in on user’s call sessions / campaigns and view a users calling activity and statistics; and
Compared to other similar outbound calling software or various call center software, CitaLink is the only application that has both of the following important qualities:
·       The power, stability and scalability of a well-designed, well-built, enterprise-level software application; and
·       As a true SaaS and personalized application, it is flexible, easy-to-use and is quickly deployable so that it can be used anywhere by anyone at anytime.
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