Abigail Martin
Phone: 773-238-7442
Additional Phone: 773-429-9556

3055 West 111th Street #1NE
10823 South Longwood Drive
Chicago, Illinois, United States

We are an electronic document management company from Chicago, Illinois

Details of Services Offered:

We will scan any paper document into a computer database, making it easier for companies to access their documents. We get rid of all that messy paperwork. Companies can have their documents stored safely on their computers and they will have back up copies that can be stored at a secure offsite location.

Our goal is to get businesses caught up with their back scanning and once that is done, we will sell scanners and programs to the business so they can continue on their own. Or we will continue to do their scanning for them.

What makes my services unique?

Every business, no matter what the size, has paperwork. Imagine getting rid of all those messy file cabinets that clutter up office workspaces. Imagine going to look for a document, and instead of digging through endless files, being able to go your computer, type in a single keyword or phrase, and that document appearing on your computer screen, ready to be printed out, faxed, e-mailed, etc. This is what BC Midwest Associates does for businesses and organizations.

Think of us as your FILELIMINATOR.