Tim Barnes
Phone: 1-866-535-BARN

65 Hemlock Drive
Hanover, Pennsylvania, United States

Barn Painting & Advertising, Inc. specializes in barn painting, and barn advertisements

Details of Services Offered:

We specialize in professional barn painting, from the exterior of the barn to the roofs of the barns. We use elastomeric paint coatings for all our roofs. Elastomeric paint coatings keep your barn cooler in the summer, and water seals your entire roof.

We also specialzie in barn advertisements, and murals on barns. Contact us today!

What makes my services unique?

There are thousands of painters out there, but not many that specialize only in BARNS! We realize that painting your barn is a big project, and you want someone that is going to do it right the first time. We do top quality, professional work! Our staff is friendly, and highly motivated to make your barn painting project a success! Contact us today for your free estimate!