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3048 Sunrise Lakes Drive East
Suite 311
Sunrise, Florida, United States

Lease to own hot & cold Point-of-Use Water coolers - Sunrise, Florida

Details of Services Offered:

Save up to 90% on bottled water with the Oasis hot & cold filtered cooler. 3 year lease to own only $39.95 per month + tax (businesses only). Includes installation by a licensed plumber and maintenance for 3 years.

What makes my services unique?

Lease to Own instead of rental. No bottles to store, no bottles to lift, no deliveries. According to a report released by the Resources Defense Council (NRDC), a New York based environmental advocacy group, some brands of bottled water sold in the US may contain bacteria or chemicals. Our Point-of-use coolers filter the water as it's dispensed. Filter removes chlorine, organics and lead. SPARKLING CLEAN WATER GUARANTEED!!!!!!