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Provide a Security, Auditing, & Compliance solution that tracks and monitors ALL users, Consulting

Details of Services Offered:

DBI provides companies with database security, compliance, and audit solutions for DB2 LUW and Oracle. In short, we help you pass your audit and achieve total compliance and security.

Your audit requirements may vary, but based on conversations with Deloitte, E&Y, and PWC clients we're working with, the primary obligations include but are not limited to tracking and documenting changes to database structures (DDL & DML), login/logout activity, external web end activities, and DBA and other power user activities.

Brother-WatchDog™ monitors, tracks, and documents all database activity to satisfy audit requirements and spot security "red flags" and does so with substantially lower overhead than native auditing tools while also providing instant email alerts. In addition to automating data collection to help you pass your audits, Brother-WatchDog will:

· Track and document changes to your database structures - Whether it's a table add or drop or an employee's payroll records have been altered, you'll automatically document who made the change and when the change was made. In fact, Brother-WatchDog tracks and stores in separate audit repository virtually all changes to your database structures.

· Monitor and report on power user activity (and all other users - external and internal) - With Brother-WatchDog, you'll capture all database activity and can customize reports to focus on your power users if you so choose. Since you'll have a record of every SQL statement run against your databases you'll know if your power users are abusing their privileges.

· Automatically find "Red Flag" database security and audit concerns - Since you'll have an audit of every SQL statement run against your databases, you can spot violations of your "red flag" compliance and security policies.

What makes my services unique?

We track by IP even thru the connection pooling process. We know who you are no matter where you are! We also provide tamper evident seals on the information collected so you know that it's authentic and genuine.