Chris Schulz
Phone: 416-402-0896

110A Donlands ave
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I am part of a community of individuals who are assisting others to reach their utmost potential

Details of Services Offered:

I am part of a business opportunity which shows people how to change their way of thinking. To become successful you must first make the choice to be successful. In this opportunity, we all help each other to reach our financial goals, and have people quitting their jobs in as little as a few months.

What makes my services unique?

This business is unique because you are not selling pills, lotions, vacations etc.

You do not have to drag friends and family members to meetings at hotel rooms.

Nor do you have to convince anyone to buy any products. This business is truly like any other out there. It is no uncommon for individuals to potentially earn a year's salary in a month.

No selling/explaining

No products to stock

Over 66% profit in your pocket per sale, and you get payed first.

This is for people who are motivated, able to learn, and have a go-getter attitude.

I know I'm not going to let anyone or anything stop me from being successful and living the life I only before dreamed about.