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DISCOVER How To Find The Owner Of Any Car, Just By A License Plate Number; Easily, Discreetly, Privately And almost in no time!

Hi There,

Few weeks ago, I needed to find out the owner of a License Plate Number I needed to find out the owner Immediately Discretely and as simple as possible using the cheapest possible way, 

In short, today after countless hours of online search and many waisted dollars on false promises I know it simpley does not exist. let me spell it out again; Immediate online electronic search to find the owner of a License plate simpley does not exist the main resone it does not exist because many states do not allow electronic search for License plate numbers.

It is true you can find all kind of electronically searchable data and the best site for that would be without doubt Archive.com, However if you are looking for an owner of a license plate the only way to find that is to hier a Privet Investigator, and I personaly went with Bill Mitchell, America’s Best Known Private Investigator

---( The only site I found earlier that had some kind of electronic search able License plate numbers was www.People-Records.net However data was old and limited to few states now that site had been taken offline ( has been disabled due to a terms of service violation, I don't know why but i can only guess; Perhaps due to false license plate numbers archive records data )

So if you want the shortcut to find the owner of a license plate number the way is to hier a Private Investigator like Bill Mitchell . Before you take my word on that please read this page entirely so that you may save your time and money and to get to know for sure that this is the best way to go.

Yes as I was saying; I needed some information so I did what I would usually do When I needed to find out any information I sat down online and did my research, It went on all day long and I latter bought into few sites all with the glamorous promise of an automated find now unlimited searches of any license plate numbers systems, I found so many sites out there all promising the same in my mind I thought there just had to be few good sites among so many promises.

However unfortunately one after another I was all out flat and disappointed, I tried so many of them it became an obsession I needed the information and so many sites where so out spoken about having the information I just kept all night long trying one after another till I couldn't stay awake no longer and thus went drowsy with disappointment to bed

I would never have thought it be possible, However I know now it's true as I have experienced it my self almost 90% of those sites you will find on search engines related to finding: 

License Plate Lookup - License Plate Search - Reverse License Plate  are just pure fraud with nothing to give in return most of the other 10% where basically a forwarding services that had all kind of recommendations that will directing you to other paid sites supposedly with the needed information however again will mostly be either paid or some few are governmental sites basically furthest away from the get it now promise, some also will lead you to recommendations to hire privet investigators in concise mostly either needed more payments or had nothing substantial to offer,

Examples of sites I regrettably bought into that you should avoid ;



People-Records.net - (Undercover Detective)

License-Plate-Search.org - (Undercover Detective)
LicensePlate-Search.com - (Undercover Detective)
Search-License-Plates.com - (Undercover Detective)
SearchLicensePlate.org - (Undercover Detective)

LicensePlate-Lookup.com - (Undercover Detective)
License-Plate-Lookups.com - (Undercover Detective)
LicensePlateSpy.com - (UndervcoverDetective)
LicensePlateHunter.com - (UndercoverDetective)
License-Plate-Number.com - (Undercover Detective)

numberplateseek.com - (Joke Site)


UndercoverDetective.com - (Undercover Detective)

DMV-Record.net - (Undercover Detective)




(there are countless others that I  have not checked out)

Please note that there are many sites linked to a company site known as UndercoverDetective.com. It seems that Undercover Detective has taken over most of the license plate search membership scam market. Undercover Detective does not display company or contact information on their sites.  There are other sites that DO NOT display company names, addresses, or phone numbers. It would be a understatement to state you should NOT pay money to an unidentified company or person.

What is the problem with these sites?
First, its the way they advertise.
They fool customers into buying a membership by making them believe they deliver the information the customer is seeking. The site may either state they provide unlimited access to records, or they may provide an instant search menu where a person enters a license plate number and state, and then they state they have a record or the info your seeking. Regardless what these sites state, they DO NOT have the information nor do they deliver the record. What ends up happening is that either they provide links for members to choose to go to, or they automatically link members to another site. In the end, the customer pays a membership and receives no license plate record.

Second, they flood the internet with dishonest sites?
What happens when you flood the internet with sites that do not deliver what they state? The honest companies get pushed down in search engine rankings, and people just wont trust any site, regardless if the site is legitimate or not.

Each day I receive emails in reference to whether Bill Mitchell, America’s Best Known Private Investigator  is legitimate or not. I state again here Yes they are legitimate, try them out and you will not regret, you will be pleased to finally find what you are looking for, truly not an automatic system however it will provide you with lots of information almost on any license plate number, information that will mostly exceed your expectations.

It does not matter how many warnings I post about these fraud  member sites, I still get emails from customers complaining that they paid membership fees to 3 or 4 different web sites and they did not get what they were promised.

If you are aware of any other membership sites, please email me the site address and I will add them to the list above.


To finish my story; after all that futile search I got very disappointed so ended up looking for a privet investigator to keep this short after long research and few phone calls I hired America’s Best Known Private Investigator Bill Mitchell it tolk some time but I got more than what i asked for and best of all it was all acurate data and finally I had a report with all the needed detailed information and actually much more including DMV records, address and lots of other personal information like marital status his spouse name all his previous addresses, college and school information, few phone numbers, previous police records, Birth record, all kind of private and public information even detailed information about the car it self accidents year make and model etc, I quickly screened threw the report he handed me found so much information.

Every now and then, there comes a time when you'd like to be able to locate the owner of a vehicle.
Who owns that car?  want to find out?  Well now you can. visite Bill Mitchell's site Choose


2) And from [SERVISES TAB] choose { locate invsestigation } services.

there are many reasons why you may need to find the owner of a car, such as for finding people for court cases. fraud, or accident investigation, whatever be it, you will be able to ge tthe information needed via Bill's Locate Investigations service.

This information will include the registered owner's name and address along with vehicle make, model, year, vehicle identification number (VIN) and tag expiration date.

I wanted to find out someones name and address a license plate number is all I had he had hit me and ran away I searched so many sites online and I tell you it was not pretty at all, So I thought someone out there like me will be looking for this information and thus I have written this so you might read and benefit from my experience

You might have looked all night long like I did you might have bought into so many sites just to be disappointed again and again and discovered it is not possible to find the information you seek on line However Now try America’s Best Known Private Investigator Bill Mitchell and start believing again by learning that it is possible to et what information you need and it is Allmost Immediate, Discrete and Private.  

Thanks for your time I hope this might save you the trouble of waisting Time Energy and Money.  

Again the only site I can honestly recommend you where you can find almost any License Plate Lookup - License Plate Search - Reverse License Plate   is Bill Mitchell, America’s Best Known Private Investigator.

It is True
"Thank You Alford, I had almost the same experience as you written about, and I took your advice and found out the site you recommend surprisingly different than all the rest I have tried and found the information I was seeking just as immediate as easy as you described it. I just thought to write you a thank you note. Best Regards Sincerely "