Closing Techniques - As Made Popular By Sales Guru, Zig Ziglar

Closing Techniques

The goal of salespeople is to close sales and get new customers. More sales equals more revenue which equates to more commission and a higher income for the salesperson. Closing techniques are the art of completing sales, getting them done, and gaining a new customer as a result; it is the art of convincing someone that he wants or needs to buy the product that you are selling. The use of persuasion is the key to closing sales.

Closing techniques were made popular by Zig Ziglar and his series of best-selling sales books. Ziglar had a different close based on different situations or different personality types of the prospect. And, he named them too. There's the attitude close, the alternate of choice close, the fear of loss close, and dozens more. Each specific situation, according to Zig Ziglar, required a different close.

Zig Ziglar popularized closing techniques and he developed quite a following. To this day, many salespeople follow Ziglar's teachings. But there is also another viewpoint that considers sales closing techniques to be an irresponsible tactic designed to manipulate or force people into making buying decisions even if they are not quite ready to do so. These people argue that the use of closing techniques will actually harm your sales numbers rather then help them. They believe that people see through these techniques and consider them pushy tactics. They expect a snake oil salesman to use such tactics, something that a respectable sales professional would not do.

Whatever your beliefs are about the value of closing techniques in the sales process, all salespeople use them to some degree. They may not use the closes as made popular by Ziglar, but they use them nonetheless. When a salesperson asks a prospect if she wishes to purchase his product, it's not a closing technique to the same degree as Ziglar's named closes are, but it is an attempt to close a sale nonetheless.

Whether or not to use these types of closing techniques should be the decision of each individual salesperson. Some could do it well and some cannot. Some may not be good at it at first but could use closing techniques successfully with some mentoring and practice. In the end a salesperson must close sales to be successful at selling. Closing techniques may help or they may not.